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Customers please note: Some of our stock items are awaiting replenishment from new shipments due to arrive shortly. We are now taking pre-orders for these, as a result of which there will be limited stock remaining out of the new shipment.

We have recently received a shipment from Reinhold Fuchs, which comprises a collection of eleven, different Rieslings of different vintages from this fantastic vintner. Each and every one these wines is outstanding and quite individual. There is a Riesling for every palate, and every occasion. These are currently in stock for immediate delivery.
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Ein Glas Wein auf die Suppe ist dem Arzt einen Taler entzogen
A glass of wine with the soup is a dollar taken from the doctor
(German Proverb)

Un pane, un fiasco e un anno - veloci se ne vanno.
A loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, and a year - they go quickly.
(Italian Proverb)

Nimm Du täglich Deinen Tropfen,
wird dein Herz stets freudig klopfen,
wirst im Alter - wie der Wein,
stets begehrt und heiter sein.
Take daily your drops,
always will your heart beat gladly,
become with age - like the wine,
ever treasured and mellow.
(Old German Toast)

A bottle of good wine begs to be shared
(Old Chinese proverb)
In Australia, Vinothek is the source of outstanding and exceptional, prize winning
German wines from mostly small, exclusive producers of both white and red wines.
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